Jim Iverson



What Is An ABADAB?

Made of

Shock Cord

And Toggle Locks

An Abadab is the newest, most useful and universal tool on the market today. It's uses are endless, only limited by your imagination. Made of Shock Cord and Plastic Toggles called Cord Locks, they're assembled together into an adjustable Abadab.‚Äč

Why did I choose "Abadab" for my product? Many people ask; where did the name come from? Out of High school I went to work for a large computer company. My mentor was a guy named Myron, He was from the Ukraine. The first day on the job he pointed to the pallet jack and said; "get the abadab". I wondered what he was talking about, but the only thing in that direct was the pallet jack, so I got the pallet jack. The next day he pointed at the hand truck and said; "get the abadab". I stopped and asked him; "why do you keep calling tools the abadab?" He said; "I refer to tools that I need to accomplish tasks as abadab".                               Download Our Brochure!